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In the summer of 2022, Warren County Treasurer Gene Cornell hosted a virtual walk through Downtown Warrenton. Gene has been sharing stories of Warren County for 25 years, often in-person and physically walking around Warrenton.

This four-part series is available to watch on YouTube →

Topics included in Part 1 of this video series include (approximately 30 minutes)

  • Photos of the Louis Wild House, the home of a successful Warren County businessman
  • Historic views of Warrenton during its early founding
  • Aerial photos from the 1940s, 50s, 60s, and the modern day
  • A discussion of Warrenton’s population height in 1880 before a population decline from people still heading west
  • The Central Wesleyan College and Orphan Asylum around the time of the Civil War and onward, including children, students, and adults involved in its care and development
  • Parks and cemetery development
Students at the Central Orphan Asylum circa 1864, lined up on a sidewalk with books and papers.
Students at the Central Orphan Asylum circa 1864. This and other photos are shared in A Virtual Walk Through Warrenton.

Topics covered in Part 2 (approximately 30 minutes)

Topics covered in Part 3 (approximately 30 minutes)

  • The Schowengerdt House, including now-and-then photos and photos of the family. You can visit the Schowengerdt House today.
  • A discussion of the slaves and house servants during the early Schowengerdt family history
  • Modern development around residential neighborhoods in Warrenton
  • Additional aerial views, along Market Street and other thoroughfares
  • The Warrenton Depot
  • The Warrenton Fire Department, circa 1945-1955
  • Scenic views from the lumberyard, perhaps near the present-day U.S. Post Office, and along Main Street
  • C.J. Harris Lumber Company and its present-day use

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Topics covered in Part 4 (approximately 15 minutes)

  • One of the oldest known photos, circa 1880, looking west from the roof of the Title Company at Hudson and Main streets
  • Additional businesses and residences, including the Warrenton Hotel from the late 19th century
  • A weigh scale used by farmers during wagon transports
  • Views looking west, circa 1917-1921 of the Ford Garage near Hudson and Main Streets
  • The opera house, hotel, and more
  • The Schowengerdt store and business operations
  • Photos of the Albert Eisenstein (sic) Building and Central Hotel, complete with cows wandering in the middle of Main Street

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