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Warren County’s History Museum, genealogy resource, and Research Library

We’re on a mission to preserve and understand history vital to Warren County, Missouri

Inside Margaret's room at the Schowengerdt House

Schowengerdt House

Beautifully maintained and now a designated National Historic Place.

Inside the genealogy and research library

Genealogy and Research Library

Understand the present by learning your family’s past.

Schowengerdt House porch

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Remnants of the old Warren County Courthouse copula

Thousands of artifacts to explore

The history of Warren County, Missouri runs as rich and deep as the soil that graces much of our county.

Our local history includes amazing stories like Daniel Boone’s family settlement on the Missouri River in the Southern part of our county to the establishment of historic German Central Wesleyan College and related orphanage for the children of the Civil in Warrenton in the late 1860’s.

We are blessed with some of the most interesting and inspiring stories America has to tell. 

Here because of the gracious support of donors like you

We’re also blessed with one of the very best history Museums, libraries and archives offered by communities of our size and larger. Formed in 1970, the Warren County Historical Society’s corps of dedicated volunteers have made preserving our history a priority through the collection and housing of artifacts, documents and family stories housed in a state-of-the-art Museum built through the generation donations of hometown people.

Some went on to achieve great things on a world stage; others lived and worked their whole lives here and generously donated funds from their estates so that the history of our area could continue to be told for generations to come. These contributions and the facility built largely from them are a testament to the specialness of our beloved community and its history.

A table with four chairs alongside library shelves
A rocking chair in a lovely green room with curved stained glass windows

Take a tour beyond the Museum to the Schowengerdt House

In addition to the Museum and its collections, another jewel is the historic Schowengerdt House, which is on the Department of the Interior’s National Register of Historic Places. The Schowengerdt family bequeathed the Victorian home and gardens to the historical society, and we enjoy sharing it with our community whenever possible.

The home was built along the historical Boone’s Lick Trail that took many through our area during the Westward Expansion until it met up with the Santa Fe Trail farther west.

A visit well worth your time

If you live here, have lived here before, or have or have had relatives from our community, a visit here is well worth your time. Our community is honored to have a best-in-class physical facility and expanding library.

While you’re here, make time for all the beautiful trails, state parks, national forests, and more natural wonders in southeast Missouri.

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