Lippstadt Cemetery

Originally the Lippstadt Church was built from logs in 1853. It was one of the first German Evangelical churches in Warren County, Mo. Then, in 1877, a new church was built out of brick for just $4,500. The church hosted regular services until 1951, when the congregation disbanded. Many of the parishioners moved to a church in town. In 1968, the Lippstadt-Freidens Cemetery Association was formed to take over the care and maintenance of the property. Even without electricity to the church, the association hosts two special services each year–Memorial Day and Christmas. During the winter service, a wood stove is lit to keep attendees warm. Individuals visit the cemetery to celebrate or reflect on the lives of their loved ones buried there. The grave markers are names familiar to the farm community. -Mindy Ward

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Holy Rosary Cemetery

The Parish cemetery is a sacred place where we remember our loved ones who have died. The cemetery is maintained and administered by the Holy Rosary Cemetery Commission. For more information, please contact Debbie Brown at the Parish Office 636-456-3698, ext. 1

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