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Unique items matching our criteria and worthy of display are always welcome

Items that are rare, helpful to research, or interesting are welcome in the collections

The Warren County Historical Society welcomes artifacts and archives of local historical significance and value to our community and its past.

Because of our limitations in space and preservation resources, we cannot accept all items. We use the following criteria to determine whether an item should be accepted: 

  1. The materials collected must be from Warren County, relevant to our local community and in keeping with the purposes and activities of the Warren County Historical Society.
  2. We are able to provide for the storage, protection, and preservation of the materials under conditions that ensure their availability for Museum and research purposes and in keeping with professionally accepted standards. For instance, items that need precise temperature or environmental controls may not be suitable.
  3. The materials, if possible, should be documented as to their origin. 
  4. All moral, legal and ethical implications of acquisition must be considered.
  5. Whether there are duplicate objects already in the collection and foreseeable use of the material must also be considered.

To donate an item, contact us with details about the item or collection first. Our acquisition committee will review the request.

After an item is approved by the acquisition committee it will be cataloged, and a Deed of Gift and thank you letter is mailed to the donor.

books and materials
Books, photographs, documents, family histories, and more are welcome in the Library, as well as artifacts for displays in the Museum.

FAQs about donating to the WCHS

A family member has recently died, and they left many old items. Is the Warren County Historical Society interested in these donations?

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