The early history of Warren County, Missouri

A rich history extending from Daniel and Rebecca Boone.

A community of pioneers

Native Americans were the first settlers in this area. In the late 1700’s the community of La Charrette was formed at the mouth of Charrette Creek on the Missouri River near present-day Marthasville. At that time, the area that later became Warren County was part of the St. Charles District of Upper Louisiana. 

In 1799, Daniel and Rebecca Boone and members of their extended families left Kentucky and settled on the Missouri River. In 1800, Rebecca’s first cousin, David Bryan, acquired and settled on the Spanish land grant of Jeremiah Groshong. Daniel and Rebecca were buried in a cemetery on this land.

German writer and pioneer Gottfried Duden settled near Dutzow between 1824 and 1827. His letters to Germany inspired the large German migration to this area. The letters have been published as the Report on a Journey to the Western States of North America.

After being part of St. Charles and Montgomery Counties in the Louisiana and Missouri Territories, Warren County was set apart by the State Legislature in 1833. Warrenton was established as the county seat in 1835.

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Footnotes in history

Meet Gen. Joseph Warren, the namesake of Warren County, Missouri

In 1883 Warren County was organized and named after the American Revolutionary war hero Joseph G. Warren. Warren was the president of the revolutionary Massachusetts Provincial Congress and enlisted Paul Revere and William Dawes on their historical ride. Warren was also commissioned as a Major General in the colony’s militia. 

Despite his rank, Warren chose to fight alongside his soldiers. He died during the battle of Bunker Hill. His death galvanized the rebel forces that led to the eventual defeat of the British and the birth of our nation.

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