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There’s more to genealogy than creating a family tree

Genealogy research can reveal a lot about your past to help you understand the future. Not only can you find photos, letters, contracts, and family Bibles, you can potentially discover patterns in causes of death, marriage, births, and service in the armed forces.

Find answers to your family’s biggest questions and uncover long-lost details

Hundreds of families and surnames are on file in our Research Library. Find photos, newspaper clippings, land records, and family history books.

Your next research breakthrough on local ancestors might be waiting.

“Where did my family come from?”
“Where did my grandparents get married?”
“Do I have any famous people in my family tree?”

  • The Warren County Historical Society can help you answer these questions and many more about your family history.
  • Research materials in the WCHS Research Room at the Museum are available for study by the public.
  • There is no charge for private personal study or research.
  • The only charges are for a volunteer researcher’s time as needed and/or photocopies of records.
Reverend and Mrs. J.H. Dinkmeier
Reverend and Mrs. J.H. Dinkmeier, one of many photos available in the library
judge jackson
Royal Jackson Kennedy (1816-1885), son of Thomas and Sarah (Gibson) Kennedy’s, who served as a county judge in the 1850’s. Could he be your ancestor?

Let us do some of your genealogy research for you

Our research volunteers and librarians can do some of the research for you. This is especially helpful for people unable to visit the library directly. Just make a research request. 

  • When requests are received, either via this site, email, postal mail, or telephone, the request is entered into a queue.
  • The research is then conducted in chronological order by date of the request for $25 per hour.
  • Typically, research is finished in about 30 to 45 days after you request it.
  • Volunteers conduct the research and their availability varies. Your donations can help support them and the Museum.

All research is conducted by talented volunteers in the order it is received. You’ll receive an estimate of cost and timing before work begins.

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Discover thousands of records and hundreds of your ancestors

Find maps, photos, names, marriage records, microfilms and more.

Plat Books

Plat books housed here include those of Warren County from 1877 and 1901, and Frederick Morsey’s surveys from 1833 to 1852. We also have an index of plats by owner name that spans from the 1920s through the 1930s. Plat books from Franklin, Lincoln, Montgomery and St. Charles counties also are available.

Community histories

Histories of Dutzow, La Charrette, Marthasville, Warrenton and other nearby communities are available in the Research Room.

These histories provide unique glimpses into the lives of people, businesses, churches, and organizations over several generations.

Learn more about family history files

Church records

Before most states began recording marriage records, churches and individual pastors, preachers, and clergy were responsible for record-keeping.

Our research room includes church records from Warren County and surrounding areas. We have church records from Case, Femme Osage, Friedens UCC-Warrenton, Harmonie-Stracks Church, Hochfeld, Holstein UCC, St. John Lippstadt, Smith Creek, Pinckney, Steinhagen St. Paul’s Church, German Evangelical Lutheran Church, and Warrenton Methodist Circuit.


Our library features yearbooks from Central Wesleyan College and Warren County R-3 and Wright City R-2 Schools.

Other records and reports

Warren County Probate Records

When an individual dies, a court procedure to determine what happens to the deceased’s estate or to divide assets based on a will begins. This is called Probate.

These records are extremely helpful in determining “what happened next” after someone dies. We have Probate Records from 1833-1900.

Search the index of probate records

FAQs about the genealogy research and family trees

How much does it cost for a volunteer to research my family tree?

How much are copies of documents and records?

How and when will I receive copies if you research for me?

How do I make a research request or find documents?

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