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Daniel Boone and His Neighbors




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Bryan Broderick’s great, great grandfather Elijah Bryan lived with the Boones for two years while the Boones treated him for the effects of a snake bite. During his extended stay with the Boone family, Elijah was set to the task of assembling a manuscript for Boone about his life—Boone’s Manuscript.

The manuscript was lost by Boone’s son-in-law Flanders Callaway when a canoe tipped on the Missouri River during an Indian attack. For more than 100 years, it was known as, “The Lost Manuscript of Daniel Boone.” Until Broderick discovered the document among old family documents.

The recently published book offers a vivid description of and stories about Boone’s life with his neighbors on the wild frontier: tales of their day-to-day adventures as they settled the valley of the Femme Osage that was central to the Westward Expansion. The stories are funny, poignant and revealing of the traits, personality and character that made Boone one of American history’s most beloved and intriguing figures.


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Daniel Boone and His Neighbors
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