7 unique things to do in Warren County, Missouri

All the best sites, things to do, attractions, and more near Warrenton, Wright City, and Marthasville, MO

Take a walk or ride on the Katy Trail

There’s often no better way to see or experience a community than by biking through it. The Katy Trail, the nation’s longest continuous recreational rail trail, runs 240 miles. For comparison, that’s roughly the distance from St. Louis to Kansas City! 

The trail moves through several destinations, including southern Warren County, largely along the northern bank of the Missouri River along the former Missouri–Kansas–Texas Railroad. It’s accessible from dozens of trailheads.

If you’re driving into or near Warrenton or Wright City, Missouri, the trailhead at the Peers Store is about 25 minutes away by car. 

The trail is technically designated as a “park”, which it is, but unlike most “parks” that consume large, wide-open spaces, the trail is a narrow corridor best suited for walking, hiking, cycling, and the occasional stop-off for fishing.

Visit the Peers Store along the way

The Glosemeyer General Store Building, or Peers Store, sits along the Katy Trail in Marthasville.

Cyclists along the Katy Trail know the Peers Store 20 minutes west (by bike) from Marthasville is a great place to stop for a little rest and a snack. The historic store has various gifts, postcards, and treasures for sale. 

Live music is a regular mainstay on the store’s front porch, and proceeds from the store benefit the Katy Land Trust. The Land Trust helps preserve and maintain trail infrastructure and the environment along the trail that bears its name.

If you want a more substantial lunch or dinner, the Peers Store is located another 20 minutes (by bike) east of Treloar where you can pick up some burgers or other Americana fare after all that cycling.

Visit the Peers Store at 16011 Concord Hill Rd, Marthasville.

Outside photo looking up at the side of the Schowengerdt House
The exterior of the Schowengerdt House. Tours available by appointment.

Visit the Warren County Historical Society and Schowengerdt House

Warren County’s history is full of interesting stories and families. Even if you’re not from around Warren County, the Museum features interesting rotating exhibits on everything from military service to celebrities and notable people with national impact.

If you’re interested in architecture, the Historical Society has beautifully preserved and maintains the Schowengerdt House. This 18th-century marvel features beautifully decorated rooms, furnishings, and more. Visitors are always impressed by the home’s size and history. Learn more about it by scheduling or requesting a tour.

Visit the Museum and Research Library at 102 W Walton Street, Warrenton. The Schowengerdt House is a comfortable walk away, at 308 E Booneslick Rd, Warrenton.

Reifsnider Conservation Area

This state park about 2.5 miles from Warrenton, MO, and about 20 minutes from Wright City. The 1.3-mile Lizard Rock Trail is a great place for a short hike or to stretch your legs after a long drive. 

The unpaved trail is rated at moderate difficulty and requires some climbing and a couple of easy stream crossings. For an easier hike, you can go off-trail anywhere in the park. Kayaking and fishing are also available in two ponds stocked with sunfish, catfish, and bass. Seasonal hunting is also available.

Visit the Conservation Area along Refisnider Park Road, Warrenton, south of State Highway M and Schuetzenground Road.

Binkley Woods and Spector Lake

Another local gem just outside Warrenton, Binkley Woods and Spector Lake offer easy walks around the lakeshore and easy strolls for kids. It’s a neat place to have a Saturday picnic or spend a little time outdoors with the dog.

Visit the area at 418 S Morgan St, Warrenton.

Daniel Boone Burial Site and Monument

Daniel Boone moved to Missouri in the early 1800s. He settled in the area that is now known as Defiance, Missouri, in nearby St. Charles County. Boone lived there for the last 20 years of his life until his death in 1820. He is buried in the nearby Boonesfield Cemetery. 

Boone’s life captivated the nation — and his name still evokes a sense of adventure to this day. Boone’s presence in Missouri is sometimes overshadowed by his popular connection to his younger years in Kentucky, but his life is remembered through various historical markers and monuments in this region, including a site in Marthasville. 

Visit the Daniel Boone Burial Site and monument along Boone Monument Rd, Marthasville, MO 63357, about a half mile north of Highway 47 in southern Warren County.

Daniel Boone Conservation Area

Another disctint area bearing Boone’s name, the Daniel Boone Conservation Area is about half an hour west of Warrenton along I-70 and then south on highway Y. The area features camp sites, nature trails, songbirds, and more. It’s a great place to try and identify songbirds, flowers, trees, and more with the kids or just go for a walk with the dog. Boone himself lived nearby in the autumn of his life, too.

Find more directions at MO.gov.

Little Lost Creek Conservation Area

A mere twelve miles southwest of Warrenton along I-70 and Highway B, the Little Lost Creek Area is nearly 3,000 acres and features a rich habitat for everything the Ozark foothills have to offer. You’ll find deer, turkey, squirrels and ruffed grouse year-round and pileated woodpeckers and other woodland birds are common most of the year. The area also provides an important stopping point for numerous neotropical migrant songbirds.

Find more directions at MO.gov.

Lewis and Clark cabin in Marthasville

La Charette Village model

Also located near Marthasville is a display of the Lewis and Clark cabin at La Charette (sometimes spelled “La Charrette” with two “r’s). Originally a small French settlement of about seven houses, it was one of several communities and locations Lewis and Clark discovered along their historic journey across America.

The National Park Service has more, but it’s believed La Charette was washed away in a flood around 1842. The location was south of Marthasville, which succeeded La Charette and is the oldest community in Warren County today. There, you can go today to visit a display featuring the settlement. 

Several historical markers dot the area, but the display is available in Wessel Park along 1st St in Marthasville.

Find more things to do nearby at Magnificent Missouri 

Magnificient Missouri

Magnificent Missouri is a nonprofit working to provide events, education, and conservation along the Katy Trail and and Missouri River. Their work promotes beautiful landscapes, countrysides, and towns for over 100 miles from the Mississippi River and points west. 

Visit their site at https://www.magnificentmissouri.org/ to learn more and find the latest events happening nearby.

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