About Us

The Warren County Historical Societyss04
was organized in 1970 for the purpose of preserving the history of Warren County. The Society is a not-for-profit corporation, and has 501-C3 status through the Internal Revenue Service. The need for a facility in which to preserve and display the collection of items donated to the Society led to the construction of the Museum and Library in 1982. The construction was financed entirely by donations from present and former Warren Countians. In 2009, the Society received a bequest from R. Stuart Hummel of Sonoma, CA to be used for an addition to the Museum. The Hummel Addition, which doubled the size of the building, opened in May 2012.

2019 Board of Directors
President: Angie Hilbert
Vice President: Lloyd Wideman
Recording Secretary: Janet Watkins
Membership Secretary: Jerry Prouhet
Treasurer: David Avis
Marilee Barry
Jack Crump
Walter Schroeder
Gary Scott
Jan Lutz
Allen Heidbrink